Raw Design Studio

Brand Development


We offer three important phases of branding: brand strategy, visual communication and brand consultancy. Together, these brand development services help communicate your company as clearly and effectively as possible.


Raw Design brand development begins with brand strategy consultation to make sure the foundations of your brand are well-rooted, its vision unified, and its communication consistent.

What does your brand offer that makes it stand apart? We help you to confidently identify what makes your brand unique and what its purpose is. The purpose of your brand is its engine, driving it forward with strength and power throughout the brand landscape.

These foundational elements of your brand strategy will help give recognition to your brand, boosting the reach and longevity of what you do. Our brand strategists will help tell the story of your brand so that is widely understood by today’s market and by generations to come.


1. Brand Identity Workshop

We work with the leaders of the organization, and if applicable, your marketing team, to dig deep into why your company exists and your vision for its future. We help you hone and focus the essence of your business to help unify the company at large as well as communicate your brand to its target audience.

Your brand values are your drivers towards your success. We will complete a number of exercises and games that will help clarify your brand’s larger purpose, which is a key component of your brand culture and motivating your team.

2. Research

User Profile
First, we will determine your target audience, and zero in the different members of the audience. Are you targeting corporate businesses or teenagers? People with big or small budgets? Our team will research your target audience, and profile the different individuals that are potential customers of your brand – according to their needs, desires, and spending power.

Landscape Analysis
We look at brands in your sector, while presenting an analysis of your target audience and their perception of what makes a good product within the current market. We present an overview of trends in your brand landscape and determine whether following these trends is effective or not according to your overall brand strategy.

The Raw Design team will conduct interviews with your employees to understand the existing internal culture of your entity, and how it ties to the strategy being developed - we make sure internal communication is consistent with external marketing.

Additionally, interviews are conducted with customers and potential customers, giving greater insight into the needs of your target audience as well as the general pain points and challenges of the market.

Brand Positioning
We locate your brand and what it has to offer within the current market, making sure that it is filling a unique niche according to what is lacking in the market.

Having studied the brand landscape and interviewed both your team and your target audience, we are then able to position your brand – making sure that your brand is positioned within the brand landscape so it can grow sustainably.

Brand Foundation
If your brand was a person, who would they be? What would they look like? How would they make others feel? We help you describe how your organization moves and interacts, and apply it to your day-to-day functions.

  • Values
  • Personality
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Essence
  • Purpose

Once your brand personality is set, we can conceptualize the strategy that will guide all forms of communication.

Brand Matrix
If required, Raw Design will work with your team to create a product matrix that includes design templates and guidelines for each given category. This matrix will categorize products in terms of type and target audience. This representation will help create future marketing strategies.

Brand Name
Is your name memorable, and does it communicate your purpose? The Raw Design team will make sure that your business name communicates your brand’s reason to exist and the niche that it fills in the brand landscape.

Brand Voice
How does your brand communicate internally and externally?

In this phase, key words and terms will be identified, so your brand has a consistent voice that speaks clearly across all platforms.


We are then able to move forward with visual communication – creating a tailored package of unique visuals that will capture your brand’s essence. This can include logos, packaging, website, and stationery for conceptualizing your brand or delivering a rebrand.

Phase 1: Visual Audit

This phase marks the transition between the brand strategy and how your brand is visually communicated.

If your brand exists already, we will see how well-aligned your visual brand and your brand strategy are. We may recommend a visual rebrand on that basis.

We will identify the visual elements and characteristics that best exemplify your brand, making sure that we inspire the right feel and look before moving forward with final design options.

Phase 2: Design Options

And now! For most people’s favorite part.

Our magical design wizards transform the words of our brand strategy into shapes, lines, curves, dots, colors and compositions. The Raw Design team will create visuals that thrust forward the emotional drive of the organization.

Two conceptual brand designs will be presented. The designs will be developed based on the brand strategy. The identity will be translated through the brand mark (logo) design and its mechanism and application, visual elements, color scheme and typography palette.

Phase 3: Design Implementation & Handover

The deliverables play a key role in expressing your brand identity. Your identity will unfold in these applications where we will ensure consistent means of communication.

Brand Guidelines
We want to make sure your brand always looks its best. Wherever your brand and logo appears, we’ll help make sure its placed according to your brand strategy and printed in line with the highest production standard. Our designers will provide you with color and dimension guidelines, so that you can print your brand materials on a variety of materials and in a number of contexts, in line with your brand strategy.


The brand consultation phase of brand development ensures the sustainability of your brand. We analyze and workshop your brand from inside out, making sure there is synergy within your team that is aligned with your external brand image.

Do your customers and team members really understand your brand? Does your audience participate in your social media channels? Could you take aside any of your employees and ask them about vision of your brand and get a satisfying answer?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions then this is where brand consultancy can go a long way. Through a series of guided sessions and exercises, we will workshop your brand and make sure your brand foundation is communicated throughout the levels of your organization and beyond.

Internal Brand Culture Adoption

The members of your team should have a constant mission they are working towards – with small daily deliverables to motivate them, and the vision of your brand giving purpose to everything they do. Together, we will create a series of solutions to make sure that your employees are engaged with your brand with passion and motivation.

We will create:

  • Brand Culture Toolkits
  • KPI's in HR

Team Building

Is each and every member of your team passionate about your brand? With our customized solutions, we’ll convert each individual in your company into a brand ambassador.

Leadership Training

Great leaders are made, not born. With Raw Design leadership training, we’ll help you to manage your organization more effortlessly, by using your emotional intelligence and helping others reach their highest potential. Our small, tailor-made workshops will help you to become more aware of your effectiveness as a leader and how to measure your success.

Brand Audit

Once your brand has been implemented, we’ll review its success. This phase of your brand's growth is arguably the most important: your employees are surveyed to see how well they understand your brand values, and the brand’s performance within the landscape is assessed.